Thoughts on doping and a solution. by Camille Herron

I've been very vocal on #cleansport and #antidoping for several years now. This year has brought some very high profile incidents to light... and a gazillion different opinions too.

I have to ask:

Raise of hands if you've ever been directly impacted by a doper? If the answer is YES... How did it make you feel?

I know exactly what it feels like! My stomach churned and my heart dropped when I saw the syringe floating in the porta-john before the marathon at the 2011 PanAm Games-- my first US Team and international competition....

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My soul. by Camille Herron

Sharing a story I hold deep inside of me and don't share very often. I know what D1 running is like (and so does Conor, as both a coach and an athlete). If I had to do it all over again I would not have gone this route. There's better options out there for athletes to develop and grow, including the NAIA where Conor coaches at Oklahoma City University and has developed happy, healthy, and successful student-athletes. 

Running is a lifetime sport. Collegiate running shouldn't be a meat grinder and stressor-- it should be another stepping stone towards developing athletes... and if they choose, to continue running (and maybe running competitively) after college. The buck doesn't stop when you're 22-23 years old-- it's only just beginning!....

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A few 2016 Race Goals by Camille Herron

With 2015 coming to a close, I thought I'd share some of my tentative 2016 race goals. The same as 2015, my #1 priority is my health and making sure I'm recovering well, so I can give a max effort for the most important races. Thanks to my coach/hubby, Conor, and my co-agent, Ethan Veneklasen, for helping me formulate my 2016 race plan!

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