Follow your heart and gut. by Camille Herron

As I got off the plane 2 wks ago, I began to cry. You see, Conor had driven the 1:45 min down from Midland so we could spend the night together, after my weekend getaway to Washington for the White River 50.

We came to Michigan to make our lives easier, not harder....

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First trail ultra win at White River 50 by Camille Herron

After recovering from my severe hammy injury last spring, a move to Michigan for our new jobs, and getting in a solid block of training, I finally got to "re-debut" on the trails this past weekend at the White River 50 Miler at Mount Rainier in Washington. Running on the longest, steepest, and most technical terrain I've ever run on, I pulled off my first ultra trail win! Being healthy this time and able to train more properly definitely made a huge, huge difference!...

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Balancing work, lunch runs, and Vit. D by Camille Herron

I went back to full-time work 2 1/2 yrs ago as a Research Assistant at the Univ. of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. I had spent the prior four years as a full-time runner. I knew that going back to work would be a learning process of trying strike a balance between my day job and my vocation as a runner. I needed to take everything I had learned about myself that made me thrive as a runner and fit it around my job....

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I eat and drink like a normal human being. by Camille Herron

Since I started my blog in 2011, I've written quite a bit about my Nutrition here . I also wrote a popular blog on Gotta Grease the Engine

Getting into ultrarunning the past year has introduced me to a whole new subset of the running community and learning how others fuel and hydrate to run longer. This morning I've had some great discussion with my UK friends about what appears to be, as Tom T. stated it best, a "clear link between endurance sports and compulsive attitudes to body and food- easily masked under 'clean eating' labels"

I've noticed since I've gotten into ultrarunning a preponderant number of athletes on extreme and quirky diets and a fixation on 'clean eating'. There's also been quite a bit of talk about "overtraining syndrome". Is there a link?! Who knows! My theory is there's definitely a link between having an energy imbalance creating a cascade of hormonal imbalances (both men and women)....

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Muscle cramping and potassium by Camille Herron

2 yrs ago when I ran Comrades ill, while the outcome was unfortunate... I actually learned one valuable thing while in the ER in Durban! After getting bloodwork done, I found out that my potassium level was really low. This totally made sense, as I had experienced the "diarrhea from hell" due to being ill/having a fever, got woozy, and passed out at 83K. Bodily fluid losses can exacerbate potassium depletion caused by dehydration. Even though I was hydrating quite a bit, my body wasn't getting exactly what it needed, being potassium....

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